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Overview of Reddit

Reddit is a social news website that is now owned by Conde
Nast Digital, but was first created in 2005 by Steve Huffman
and Alexis Ohanian (Blum, 2006). It’s a place where people can
post links on the Internet. Then, other users are then able to
vote on the posted links up or down, which causes them to become
more or less well-known on the home page of Reddit. Reddit is a type of site that has general discussions, advice forum, and a
lot of news.

With Reddit, you can join fast, easy, and free! Once you get started with Reddit, you can easily begin browsing articles and even share some of your own! It’s a great way to locate the top stories since the stories that are shown on the homepage have been voted the highest. You’re able to reach a bigger audience with your content if you’re a blogger. This is because by having a blog submitted to a site like Reddit, your audience is able to reach it and vote for it, which can allow it to become popular (Sanders, 2006).]

Since anyone is allowed to post basically anything they want to Reddit, some users may post inappropriate things for the world to see, which in that case, Reddit will remove those inappropriate pictures and/or articles.

Cost of Advertising
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Reach and Frequency
Redditis considerably smaller than other media out there. Reddit does however, have an excellent cost per click basis. People who like to get news first, this is a great website for that. In a few years, more and more people will begin using Reddit and it will become a big website, similar to Digg.

external image googleanalytics.png

[Reddit's Google Analytic report from June 14 to July 14, 2010]
(Schroeder, 2010)

Sarah Chubb, president of Condenet, states that, “One of the components of their business going forward is to license the technology to other companies that feel it would be useful to their sites and their traffic.” CondeNet has already got, a celebrity gossip aggregator built in partnership with Reddit (Ives, 2006).
external image faceoff-discovery-260.jpg[In a battle that compared Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit for social media bragging rights, nearly 30,000 votes, and a final victory that was given to Digg, which just edged out Reddit.] (Parr, 2009).

Audience Qualities Reddit offers a broad audience to anyone who enjoys reading about news fast and before anyone else. The demographics of Reddit are a very diverse group of people. People who want a good laugh, or to explore interesting articles or blogs, Reddit will give you that. People that are going to this website will generally be absolutely anybody. Someone that comes form a college background, or somebody who only graduated high school will enjoy this website.

external image Reddit-Alexis-Ohanian-post.bmpexternal image baby-reddit.jpg

[Everyone loves Reddit, from little babies to Stephen Colbert!] (Interpreted, 2010)

Scheduling Strategies
Reddit is always on the move and generating new and interesting topics, so advertising for Reddit is always in process. Reddit I would have to say uses continuous advertising strategy. Being specifically a website, there always has to be advertising for it, whether it’s on t-shirts or just people hearing from word of mouth about the website. People who love news and the Internet, usually hate ads. Which is why Reddit’s advertising technique was to sells ads that look exactly like the content itself (Kafka, 2009). Reddit is always looking for new and improved ideas for advertising on their website and they love to hear what their Reddit users have to say!
General Impact of Reddit
Facebook and Twitter have been the main social medias for a few years now. Reddit is making their name known and the appeal to Reddit will attract more people to see what Reddit is all about. Their advertising techniques are trying to just get their website known to whoever will take a look. Just like other social media websites, they once started small, soon enough the impact of Reddit will be bigger than ever. Being able to buy Reddit clothing is just a little way of supporting Reddit and wearing their brand will make people wonder what exactly it is.

Responsiveness to the Audience Reddit generates a lot of attention for the mere fact that the website allows people to post anything that comes to mind. People are fascinated by interesting things, and this website allows people to further discuss the silly things that are posted on Reddit. There’s a huge interest in Reddit because people, like myself, like to know everything and anything. As Reddit continues to grow and attract peoples attention, the more it will generate into a popular site.


  • Reddit received the 2008 Open Web Award (Hirsch, 2008).
  • In May 2010, Reddit is named in Leads 411’s “2010 Hottest San Francisco Companies” list (Lead 411, 2010).

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