• Overview of Casino Advertising
  • Limitations and Advertising Strategy
  • Costs of Advertising
  • Market Analysis
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Casino Advertising

Overview Gambling in contemporary America has become an activity for the rich. Stereotypical gambling scenes show a group of good-looking people in fancy clothes, with drinks in their hand and a smile on their face. However, gambling has been a problem in the United States for many years. Despite its obvious financial risks and today’s bad economy, the number of people visiting both online and real life casinos continues to increase. For years Casino advertisers have been advertising nothing but good times, and higher bankrolls. The most popular approach advertisers use to market their casinos consists of a dice table surrounded by beautiful menand women who are laughing and cheering as they have a grand time winning money. The dice table has become the stereotypical advertisement for casinos because it is a high interaction, high-energy table and best reflects the exhilarating atmosphere that casino owners want potential visitors to experience. Slogans and/or jingles are also intended to portray a high energy and fun experience. Casino slogans however have very little originality and seem to all market the same amenities. Fun, excitement, and a chance to win big. Below are some examples of casino slogans:

Online casinos have been on the rise over the past decade and are becoming very popular amongst gamblers in the US. In fact, college males alone bet 60 billion dollars a year playing online poker (week 11 powerpoint). This is because being able sit at home and play poker is time efficient, and allows players to play, whenever they desire. Internet advertisers use a variety of media to attract existing gamblers. Banners, skyscrapers, commercials, sponsorships and many other mediums are being used to promote virtual casinos. The biggest Poker tournament of the year, the World Series of poker which airs on ESPN, is one of online gambling’s biggest advertising goldmines. Professional players are sponsored by online gambling sites and wear advertisements to promote the web site. Below is a video that shows players at the World Series of poker. Pay mind to the apparel that the players wear.

Limitations and Advertising Strategy

Casino marketing is a continues advertising plight that is a somewhat limited field. All casinos have slot machines, dice tables, roulette wheels, black jack, Texas hold em, anything you can imagine. So when Advertising for a casino, like all things competitive, marketers must set their casino apart from the rest. Often we will see casinos boasting about the size of their gambling floor, their big jackpots, the gaming atmosphere, the number of slots in commission, how many tables they have etc. Below are some examples:

"The excitement stretches out across 75,374 square feet!"(
"We bring excitement to the table" on "the most thrilling gaming tables”. (Harrah’s
"Caesars Palace creates the ideal ambiance for an exciting evening of gaming." ( )
"With six casinos to choose from, odds are we've got your game". (
"Welcome to world class gaming. There are over 380 table games with over 100 poker tables and chances are we've got your game. If you prefer the slots we have 7,600 to choose from". (

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Advertisements like these are set to intrigue potential gamblers, and generate a yearning to visit these casinos. The reason we see casinos marketing fun and excitement is because all casino advertising is vastly similar. Slogans, facilities, and the number of activities offered are very important when trying to attract new costumers. A study conducted in Las Vegas suggests that the top three important factors affecting intentions and willingness to recommend, were gaming value, environment, customer service, and safety. (Journal of hospitality marketing and management). In order to find a unique advertising strategy one must market in the right areas, with the right tactics. It is difficult to do this because casinos have limitations on the types of advertising they can do, there is a set of rules and regulations that they must follow. Below are some of the regulations of commercial advertising: Commercials are limited to the name address and other contact information of the premises factual details about possession facilities provided, how to submit an application for membership. Recommend that classified ads should be A5 or smaller These limitations are due to the Deregulation (casino) Order of 1999, which states that Licensed casinos can only utilize classified advertisements to promote to the public.

Costs of Advertising

The rate at which casinos, (online and real life), exchange money is eye popping, and It would only make sense that advertising for a casino would not tote a small check. Online advertising has become a staple medium for casino advertising. In august of 2004 a study done by gambling charity GamCare highlighted some online marketing done by Internet casinos that allow underage participants to register to their sites. They estimated that 8 million dollars in advertising was spent in the first 7 months of the online marketing plight. And for that year an estimated 140 million was spent on Internet banners alone (Dudley, D. 2004). Because online gambling is illegal in many places around the globe, these statistics caught the attention of GamCare and controls on how and where casinos and poker rooms can advertise have been implemented. Many sites adopted regulations that restrict underage gamblers due to this study, however it is hard to tell if such controls would yield the desired result.

Market Analysis

The united states casino and gambling sector generated a revenue of 89.8 billion dollars in 2009 and plan to reach a growth point of 8.7% by 2014, raising that value at 97.6 billion. (American Psychological Association (2010). below is a chart that shows the casino and gambling industries growth over past years.



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