“Curl” or “Peel Away” ads have become increasingly popular with advertisers on many websites, especially torrent or P2P sites due to their easy construction, affordability and sly maneuverability. Using the adobe technology instead of your basic flash pop-up ads, curl ads can be highly enticing and eye grabbing while not being intruding at all. Another great attribute to this technology advertisers have found is even the savviest Internet users pop-up blockers do not block it.

Reasons for use

Reasons for using this technology and specific technique are many. Most, if not all, Internet protection software cannot stop these ads from occurring; only you can avoid them if you do not wish to be engulfed by the ad. The reason why pop-up blockers do not stop these ads is because standard pop-ups use flash, while peel ads use Adobe technology. Many individuals have reported that online advertising is too annoying, tedious or intrusive. Everyone has seen a simple banner and tower ads, but this is refreshing.


Limitations and disadvantages of this type of advertising is simple, most people believe it to be annoying. Another disadvantage, especially on torrent or other file sharing websites, is people are there to get what they want, not reach out and look for the ad so chances are being overlooked are great. Lastly, another problem with these type of ads being built through a flash system, the ads themselves can sometimes pop up in a google search as a movie file.


The cost of using peel advertising is extremely cheap. Anyone can purchase the software to create this experience for as low as $17. Or business and home users can have monthly rates apply as well.


Rich Media-Page Peel (on click/mouseover)
Page Peel (ROS - 5+ channels)
Page Peel (2-4 Channels)
Page Peel (1 channel)
Page Peel plus video/other interaction
Above + USD 10 CPM
Page Peel (Home only 100% SOV of Top Ad Position)
USD 17,250 fixed for a day
Page Peel (Home only - All Unique Users Once)
* USD 9,200 fixed for a day

Reach and Frequency

Reach and frequency are both integral parts in making these ads work for the business. Since many websites and businesses have found by word of mouth, surveys and personal experience that pop-ups are annoying and something of the past, they have turned to peel advertising, this alone is increasing the reach of this type of advertising alone. Frequency is applied by the type of website and the user. Peel ads being used on torrent and p2p sites receive high frequency due to high traffic and consumer downloading. This type of advertising alone is what keeps these sites online and active.


Scheduling strategies are determined by the user/purchaser and the deals and contracts they have signed with the website.


The impact of using this technology has been widely looked up upon. The reasons for the success of these ads are the users genuine interest and intrigue before stumbling upon the ad. Once again you the user are seeking out the ad and information yourself, leading to a high success rate in product.


One general audience that gets bombarded by peel ads on torrent and other like clients websites, are generally males 18-24. This is the same audience that has been shown to play videogames and watch movies due to these types of mediums being the most hit on these sites like, and


This type of advertising can generate all four intrigues: desire, interest, action and awareness. Once again the user must have an interest and desire to scroll over the peel or it will not work for the advertiser.

Interesting Qualities

Other interesting qualities of peel advertising are the future and where it heads. With the Adobe technology being used as its primary support this type of digital structure can quite possibly put all other forms of advertising out the door. There have also been talks of integrating this technology into online video advertising as well. Some emerging forms of advertising that use this similar technology is Hyper MP. This basically puts a transparent ad on the screen and when you scroll over it you will instantly be navigated to the product's website.

Successful Advertisers

Companies that have shown great success with their peel approach have been Blu Cigs, the electronic cigarette that can be consumed anywhere. This is due to the heavy push and propriety they have on torrent and p2p websites.


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