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TiVo is a growing aspect in the technology world with many entertainment items to offer. From advertising to sales promotions and inventions this complex machine will allow you to do multiple things within the comfort of your own home. TiVo was initially introduced as a digital video recorder also known as the DVR. Not only is this a recorder, but this technological advancement has so much more to offer. This personal recorder was originally introduced in the United States in 1998. This was originally supposed to be a home networking device, but as developments improved it turned into a basis for recordings onto a hard disk. This electronic box connects to your television and the hard drive stores hundreds of hours T.V programming within the provided software. Some of the features TiVo includes are music applications, movie downloads, search engines, season passes, and also personal offerings and online scheduling. There are so many elements this product has to offer which means many promotions and advertisements to get this item on the market and ready for major usage. With a fast forward, rewind, stop, skip and play option there isn’t much left for this machine to do. One of the major things that make TiVo stand out from the rest of the competition is the fact that it can be used in multiple rooms. Also, TiVo is expanding in media coverage. There are many computer hook-ups and converting and editing can also be a part of the great invention. There are various subscription services too. This just allows you to pay at your own discresion with more choices of interests within the TiVo. With all of theses outstanding advancements TiVo has just what a television lover is looking for. The availability of this fixation is international and keeps growing into new places throughout the world.


New Approaches

Since TiVo has so many different subscribers and future clientele, there are many advertisements including rebates and different media promotions to introduce the product to a new set of customers. Considering this product is growing throughout the nation so quickly TiVo had to come up with a fierce strategy to reach their target audiences. One of the new approaches this company used was having the convenience of buying from your own home without ever having to leave your couch. When seeing someone talking about their favorite products on television, a link will appear and then lead you through the right steps to purchasing your own item. This will then connect with either Amazon or another account on your computer and lead you to the purchasing information. This does limit their products to only a select few, but with this development they are sure to advance their product to their fullest ability.


Considering how TiVo is a growing global corporation there are many current users. Another objective strategy they are currently using is to market not just selling their units, but selling their subscription. If they can provide more people involved within the system, then that will ultimately lead to future users and loyal customers. Also they are beginning to use their market strategies with providing service contracts with their services. By entering these customer agreements or contracts this will allow TiVo to charge for “breaking” the contract fee. This may discourage users from canceling their subscription and gain more loyal customers throughout the years.


TiVo also is beginning to sell ad “pop-ups” to companies to take place of fast forward commercials. Instead of commercials that users are fast-forwarding through they will actually see logos that will stick in their minds and on their screens for seconds. By selling these spots to other companies this will allow TiVo’s corporation to gain money and respect from the other consumers and companies. Market research will show that TiVo will collect user’s habits day by day and begin to market their information to other advertisers and associations. By changing certain things that weren’t working and adding to their existing product TiVo will continue to come up with top-of-the-line things that will set them aside of the rest of their competition.


TiVo is reaching out to their possible clients throughout each and every day. Through their promising strategies this company will continue to expand demographically and psycho graphically. Some of the qualities that the users of this franchise will extend are to movie and television lovers all the way to young kids and sports lovers. When it comes to TiVo they don’t actually target a complete particular audience. They have so many different features that they can extend their target audience too many diverse groups. To successfully use this type of media to their benefit TiVo will need to use their advantages over the competitors to their fullest. To produce the best results for their company scheduling will have to be on point and they will definitely have to compare the best of their ability for their current and future companies. With all of their special attributes TiVo will stand above the rest with the correct advertising and media planning.


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