Rip-Away Posters

" A new kind of voluntary ad selection for those brands with advertising like poster art."



Rip-away posters are advertising posters thatr are typically 24''x36'', that encourage pedestrians to rip down a free poster with a company's advertisement on it. The posters are popular because people can use these posters as art in their houses by simply framing them or pinning them on the wall. This form of advertising increases the "shelf life" of your advertisement and directly puts the product in the consumers' hands if they choose to take down a poster.(Azzaro)

Reasons to Use Rip-Away Posters

Rip-away posters would be an excellent addition to a campaign as another method to add to a media mix. They are relatively inexpensive and producing them takes only about five weeks, perfect for promotional event and premieres. Also, rip away posters can be put in areas where the young adult demographic is hard to reach, such as, skate parks, boardwalks, and outdoor shopping malls. Rip-away posters are also weather proof so they can be implemented all year round.(New out-of-home venues)

When to Use Rip-Away Posters

Rip-away posters are creative and artistic, they are most commonly used for products that are geared towards teens and young adults who are more likely to stop and take the posters with them. Posters are also heavily used to promote events and promotions. The rip-away poster below was used by [[http://Rip-Away Posters |The WB]] to promote their new reality show, Boarding House: The North Shore.(New out-of-home venues) Alt Terrain, a Boston based company that specializes in outdoor media, was responsible for the poster; CEO, Adam Salacuse, said the North Shore Campaign's poster was "something a teen or young adult would put up, a fun, interesting image." (New out-of-home venues)


Scheduling and Costs

According to Alt Terrain the lead time for approval of artwork is about four weeks, depending on the market. The average campaign lasts four weeks but time sensitive events can be placed over two-week periods. The average campaign for Alt Terrain is 5,000 posters which will result in 500 pads of rip-away posters. Pricing is determined by quantity and quantity discounts are available. A previous campaign for Alt Terrain that put 3,000 posters in 120 locations in Mahattan, NY costed about thirty thousand dollars.(Your client's message)


Considering the target age group of 15-25, rip-away posters work best in urban, artistic areas. For example posters in the following areas would work well: New York City, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Miami, Austin,Chicago, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. They are not just limited to these areas, however, anywhere where there is foot traffic rip-away posters would work well.(

Reach and Frequency

Rip-away posters have a good potential to have a high reach and frequency because they are usually put in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. The reach can be measured by seeing how many posters are left on the pads, but after the posters are gone, it is hard to measure frequency. However, frequency can be attained from the consumers taking the poster and pinning them on their walls, but again it is hard to measure. Frequency can also be reached from word-of-mouth if the posters are creative and buzz-worthy. "Visually cool, collectable images work best," says Salacuse.(New out-of-home venues)


Rip-away posters can be a difficult method to measure, but impressions can be made by the Traffic Audit Bureau for the locations where the posters were posted; they can also be measured by amount of foot traffic. Also, companies would be able to caculated responses by seeing how many posters are left on the pad when the campaign is over. The posters below were from Posterscope's campaign for VH1's Hip Hop HonorsShow, held in New York. The posters that featured honorees; Big Daddy Kane, Biggie Smalls, Ice-T, and Salt-n-Pepa were coveted by passer-bys.(


Limitations and Drawbacks

Despite that rip-away posters can be used year-round, one limitation is that you can't put anything you want on them, the artwork has to be approved by the agency. Some drawbacks to using rip-away posters is that it is hard to get and exact reading on whether they are effective or not. Also, they typically only do well in urban areas, and there are even newer ways to reach the target market of young adults that are cheaper then the posters, such as advertising on facebook. (For more information about advertising on facebook visit this wiki page: Facebook).


Companies that have used rip-away posters in the past include: 7-11,Activision, Disney,Nike , The WB, and VH1. The poster below is an advertisement for Disney's 75th anniversary campaign.


Revolutionary Rip-aways

Grassroots Advertising, a company based in Toronto, Ontario, is going green with their posters by using chlorine-free certified paper for the printing of posters, and all left over papers from the campaigns are recycled.(Grassroots)

An aritist in Austin designed his own rip-away poster (featured below) as a promotion for an art festival. This rip-away featured a local artist's work and people could come by and rip away sections of the art and on the back woudl be information about the event.(Art)


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