Rich Media Banners



Rich media combines animation, video and sound with interactive features (Byron,2004). It is a new way to see advertisements in a commercial like form."It's sort of a Franken-ad," said Dorian Sweet, executive creative director at Tribal DDB, San Francisco."It's sort of a website, kind of a banner, looks like video, uses audio (Lemonnier, 2008).


This new technology is catching the eye of more companies and grabbing the interest of more internet surfers. The dabblers might soon become leaders. By 2008, advertisers are expected to spend $7.2 billion for online ads -- 39% of it on rich media, Jupiter Research predicts. That compares with the $3.1 billion spent on online ads in 2003, with only 11% going to rich media (Byron,2004).

Reach and Frequency

The click-through rate for typical display ads hovers between 0.1% and 0.2%, but the click-through rate for rich media usually hits 2% at its weakest (Lemonnier, 2008). People surfing the internet like being interactive with advertisements.
The big growth driver: 43% of PC users, or 51 million individuals, now connect to the Internet from U.S. homes via a broadband connection necessary for swift downloading of dense video and music digital files, according to Nielsen/NetRatings (Byron, 2004). This means the audience for seeing these advertisements is large and can give good publicity for the product they are trying to promote.

An example of this advertisement can be seen here:



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