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Neer is an Adroid application that allows users to privately and immediatley share their location with family and friends. Neers choses to update locations that are only important such as when someone is at work, school or home. In order to be connected on Neer, both people need to have each other's contact information for them to receive location updates. The information includes email addresses and and phones. this application was published by Qualcomm Services Labs Inc. and created by Ian Heidt.

Reasons Why Neer

Neer is practical for real-life scenarios such as knowing if a child is at school. Neer does not bother using checkins, badges, or other devcies or gimmicks to clutter that real task at hand. Which is toandroidphone.png be connected. Useres have complete control over who sees their whereabouts so privacy is not a major issue. Neer is designed for the average mind, meaning anyone can use Neer without complications. Limitations of Neer

The Neer aplplication is currently only used for Android so it limits the amount of users. Neer is in the introduction stage which means it still has flaws that they need to work out. This application tends to consume battery life quickly and does not work efficiently without wifi. Costs of Neer

Neer is a free Android Application for users. Reach and Frequency of Neer

The audience that Neer targets are families, specifically parents. The average user is male between the ages of 18-49 and are african america or hispanic. demographicGraphAll.png Impact of Neer

Neer provides security to parents.