ADsense is an internet based advertising program owned by Google which allows website owners to become part of, allowing them to advertise their own company nationwide for little investment; While also, earning revenue by acting as a medium by having ads placed on their own personal websites. The revenue generated is based per click or per thousand impressions of each advertisement. Google , then in turn makes money while compensating participating members of the ADsense program.
The ADsense idea was developed by several Brown University graduate students and professors by using the program WordNet. In 1998, Oingo, a company from Santa Monica, CA took advantage of this new found technology. Oingo then became Applied Semantics in 2001 and finally selling the program to Google in 2003 for $102 million.
Google ADsense offers text, image, video, and now mobile based advertising. The ads for each site are determined on the basis of web content, geographic location, member’s personal preferences, and other customizable settings.

Mobile ADsense:

Recently Google has developed ADsense for the smart phones such as Apple’s iPhone and the Palm Pre. By placing ADsense on the high-end smart phones, Google is able to use larger text and images which take up room on the smart phone screens. This will make each individual ad more enticing for the consumer to respond to the ad and increases the per click ratios. (eWeek. (2009, October 5)

Video Adsense:
Google uses the beta site youtube.com to place video advertising on member’s sites. This aspect creates a visual stimulus that not only intrigues the web browser to click on the advertisement, but also more personally involves the browser and makes a one-on-one connection. Ads are also run on the youtube.com as well. The ads pop up at the bottom video and are ran until the consumer clicks on them or exits out of the video. Gamer sites are becoming a part of the adsense hype. Mochi Media, who is a distributor of tools to develop lower-level games has been a working partner with Google to place advertisements from the adsense database, into the game. (Shields, M. (2008, October 8).


ADsense allows the website owners to generate national exposure for and the program is free to sign up for. The program is available for all companies large and small. For small companies, they are able to receive large amounts of advertising that they would not be able to access usually. The ability to generate revenue simply by maintaining your own website has been the main influence on why consumers choose to become members. By placing relevant ads on websites, it allows the browser to conveniently have related additional information on the topic they are searching.
Google has developed language systems in order to help each web owner properly define which advertisements they would like to have published on their web pages. The web owner is able to filter out ads of competitors that would hurt the members business. Language filters are provided to filter out irrelevant or offensive text. Google has revamped its filter system in order to eliminate problems that have risen through previous search engines, such as words with double meanings: (example: Coffee Java……Java Script). Web owners are also able to customize the color and font schemes of the adsense ads in order to blend in with the web page display itself.

*The advertisements on the right hand side of this page, in blue are advertisements from Google ADsense


Click Fraud is a problem that is hard to prevent and has become the main issue of google ADsense. Click fraud may arise when a “zombie site” is
example of a "zombie site"
created with little or no information, just a site filled completely with advertisements, forcing the browser to click on unrelated advertisements. Although this only seems like a problem for Google and not for the web owner themselves, this is false. The web owners will be left with issues as well, an inaccurate report of future customers, and are left spending more of their budget on advertising than necessary. If a company is accused of click fraud, their ADsense account will placed on hold and no advertisements will be displayed. Because of the large volume of websites becoming a part of the ADsense program there is a decrease in frequency for each advertisement. However, on the opposition because of the large volume of companies becoming members of the program the reach of each advertisement reaches a significant portion of the market.

Target Audiences:

• Anyone owning a website, which would be searching for additional cheap advertising.
• Companies constantly updating new promotions and offering sales perks and benefits.


Target Point

*there are hundreds of competitors that are facing the same problem. The free service that is provided will so have to start charging for their service because of the large volume of new members

• Expert System developed Cogito Semantic Adviser Tool.
o This tool used with traditional semantic tools allows search engines to specifically interpret the meanings of words and define key word frequencies to place ads at even more specific sites.


• To sign up for Adsense to be placed on your own site it is free.
• To sign up for your own ads to be placed in a database to be placed on other sites you must pay for the words you want to be related to your site (the words a browser would type in the search engine) these could range from 5 cents to 100 dollars a word.

Success Stories:

Don Vandervort owner of Hometips.com and member of Google ADsense:
Don was the creator of a self help home improvement website that offers handy man tips to people in need of home repairs. His company’s first office was in the bottom floor of his kids 2 story club house. Until becoming a member of Google ADsense, Don’s revenue was gained simply from publication and sales of home improvement books. After hearing about ADsense he became a member to gain a little extra revenue. He notice small results at first with the first couple of web pages, now Don Vandervort creates enough revenue to pay salaries and expand his business from the club house.
Paul Mckee owner of TeAch-nology.com and member of Google ADsense:
Paul Mckee has developed an education website that offers services and techniques in order to bring technology into the classroom. He has a team of teachers, professors, and business consultants that work with him, however, most of the programs offered on his site are free to the public and do not generate any revenue. Paul Mckee learned that the only way he was going to create revenue was to sell his web page space and when he became a member of Google ADsense he was able to just that. “We don’t have a full time ad sales team, ADsense takes care of itself allowing us to focus on the business.” ((2009, February 12). Daily Independent.)


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