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Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • Reasons for Using
  • Limitations
  • Benefits
  • Costs
  • Reach and Frequency
  • Scheduling
  • Impact
  • Audience Qualities
  • Responsiveness
  • Other Interesting Qualities
  • Successful Advertisers
  • References
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Expedia and Travelocity are two of the most used travel search engines used today in America. They can be used to book hotels, cars, airline flights, cruises, package deals and much more. Expedia and Travelocity tend to compete against each other for business since they are very similar to each other. Advertising on Expedia or Travelocity is very beneficial to companies. Companies such as Capital One , Flowers.com , and American Express take advantage of the useful travel search engines that are view by many.

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Reasons for Using

People use Expedia or Travelocity to find great prices on transportation and booking rooms. The site may offer exclusive deals or coupons if a customer is purchasing online. People want fun at an affordable price and come to these site to achieve both. Placing ads on these sites can be a good investment because if someone is traveling and sees an advertisement for a restaurant show up on the side and it is in the location they are heading, it could give good publicity to the restaurant.----


The downside to these sites are other sites being advertised that could offer lower prices for the same trip such as Hotwire.com. Most of the ads on Travelocity are self promoting ads, meaning they show special deals that are being offered on the site.

Interesting Qualities
Travelocity uses it brand character of a traveling gnome to set a friendly tone for those viewing the commercials.

Expedia uses it jingle to catch the attention of viewers while producing a funny commercial.

Both sites use comedy as a way to introduce those curious about traveling with them.

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