In-Game Advertisements
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Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • Reasoning
  • Limitations
  • Growth of the Industry
  • Audience Qualities
  • Personal Note
  • References

In game advertising refers to product placement within a video game. These advertisements, geared to capture the video gamer’s attention, reach a much segmented target audience. In game advertising can raise awareness for this group and produce sales. Though the exact opposite can happen, gamers can revolt on the advertisements. Though, there is no doubt that this area of emerging media can be very profitable and worth the exploration.

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A major reason to use in-game advertising, is the target market. T-mobile , Intel , and even Discovery Channel have used in-game advertising. These companies target a young tech savvy males from 16-24. All these companies report a success when using in-game advertising (IGA WorldWide, 2007). In-game advertisements are suppose to have a surge in 2010, though questionable in today's economy (Wauters, 2009). According to Marketing management, the increase comes from women and older users pulling into the market (MERMELSTEIN, 2007).


Limitations with in-game advertising
Major issues with in-game advertisement are steaming with new additions to games. A game on the Playstation 3 met very poor reviews. According to Adweek , ads that were meant to run during natural breaks in game play were slowing down loading times (Shields, 2009). This caused gamers to explode to all mediums. Demoting blogs on youtube were harsh. Video gamers were calling for action against these in game advertisements. Sony pulled the ads in an effort to resolve the technical issue. With the need to make all technology work right from the start, there is a slippery slope to walk up

Growth of the industry


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Audience qualities
Many gamers are perceived as a group that stay indoors, in rooms with dim or no lights, overweight, extremely shy, and many more. But the reality is that gamers are starting to emerge from the depths of their "caves" and take on the world. The unnoticed gamers are the women and older users. There are few gamers that can be considered the same or equal. Video game competitions can show the drastic difference in comment.

Personal Note
I feel that any ad the is placed in a game, whether it is obstructing the game or just in passing, actually gives a the game a little clutter. Though there are some genres, sports and simulators to name two, that can prosper from these ads. They add realism to the experience. The ads don't hinder the feel of the game takes the atmosphere of the real events which include these advertisements.


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