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Overview of Alexa

Alexa is put simply “a web information company”. Envisioned In the spring of 1996 and bought by Amazon in 1999, Alexa is a website that ranks the amount of traffic given to the top websites. Alexa also shares what are the most searched topics on the Internet. Alexa is used by many marketers that want to know where they stand against competitors. Search analytics shows marketers which terms their competition is using to generate more traffic. The audience data shows what kind of audience the company is attracting and the Clickstream data will show where their competition is getting traffic from affiliated programs and partners. (

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Reasons Why Alexa

Advertising is changing. While many advertisers used to focus on the traditional media of Television radio as their man means of sending their message, the internet is becoming a major, if not predominant source for advertisers. Alexa allows a company to not only see how many hits their site is getting, but who is coming to your site, how popular your site may be as well as give information about the competitors. Alexa also provides a blog that keeps the visitors up to date on what is happening with the site.

Limitations of Alexa

Alexa’s biggest limitation is that is merely provides the information. Alexa is not a website that will provide a medium for ads or even create the ads for you. An advertiser would need to use the services provided by Alexa to form an idea of where and to whom to market their product.

Costs of Alexa

Alexa is a free website. The ranking and demographic information are open to the public. While The Alexa website is free, its partner websites and services are not. Alexa partners with services like iSpionage, which allows a company to see the key words their competitors are using to gain online hits. This service claims a 7-day trial for $1. Integrate is another service offered by Alexa. Through Integrate, a company can form a marketing presence both online and off. Integrate appears to work though commission. Other services are offered to round out the tools of Alexa.
How to Use Alexa

Reach and Frequency of Alexa

The pseudo ironic thing about Alexa is that it measures the audience reach and frequency of websites except its own. The reach of the website would be anyone looking for information on a specific topic or website. The frequency would be measured by how many people return to the site to access the information. Alexa reaches to an estimated three million people a month with six million visits. The amount of people who use the website went up 12% and teh amount of visits went up 17% compared to last year. (

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Audience of Alexa

Alexa has a broad demographic. The main demographic consists of middle-aged African American males. These males have no children in their household and make a low income despite having a college education. (

Scheduling of Alex

Because Alexa does not produce any actual advertisements, they operate on a year round schedule. Companies or consumers may visit the site whenever they would like.

Impact of Alexa

Due to Alexa’s vast services, it has become an important tool in advertising. An advertiser can see the Alexa ranking of a page, thus determining how much an ad on that page would be worth to them in the grand scheme of their campaign. A higher Alexa rating means more bargaining power for the website when it come s to price negotiation of an ad.


The companies that are currently advertising on are:


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