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Advertorial are advertisements that are designed to look like a ligament news stories. They are written in the form of an objective opinion editorial, while also offering valid information to your prospective clients. They are known as the best subtle form of print advertising and are more commonly found in magazines.(Neijens, Van Reijmersdal and De Vos).
Often times advertorials are associated with new emerging media, but these alternative advertisements have been used as early as the 1940's. Appeared in merriam-webster dictonaryin 1946, the term advertorial is derived from a combination of advertisement and editorial.


Advertorials are different than traditional advertisements; this draws readers to read the advertorial thinking that it is an editorial; people give more creditability to an editorial rather than an advertisement ( Advertisers are always looking for new and more creative ways to communicate their message. The majority of advertorials are advertised through magazines rather than newspapers. Readers of the magazine positively associate the advertorials content with the magazine. (Neijens, Van Reijmersdal and De Vos) Justine Southall, the publishing director at Cosmopolitan, says that last year was the glossy's best ever for advertorials - and this year is also on track for a strong result. Advertisers have a growing appetite for advertorials because of the cut-through they offer, she says. (Barrett)

For companies who need to educate their product to the market advertorials have proved to communicate this is the best. The Biondo Company stated that “Bosch Rexroth chose to do advertorials instead of standard print ads because theirs was a subject that required a significant amount of education, rather than making a big splash with the product, the best way to explain that value proposition was with a lot of copy, and advertorials proved the ideal vehicle for that.” (Morrison).


Ethical concerns have been centered on advertorials over the past decade because of the thin line between creditable editorial content and advertisements. In the UK the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has a specific code that enforces advertisers to comply with (Barrett). Most advertisers try and disguise the advertorials, which lead to concerns between journalist and advertisers. The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) has issued guidelines to safeguard editorial integrity by drawing a line between editorial and ad content. These areas include limiting print on part of the book such as the cover and spine. They also state that the ads should be identified to avoid confusion with editorial content and the use of edit staff to create ads.


The cost of designing an advertorial can vary from $89 for the entry level ad to $249 for the highest quality ad available ( These ads will just be the design of the editorial. The cost for a one time run in Time Magazine is $273,750; other publications such as The Wall Street Journal would cost $254,256 (Mediamark Research & Intelligence).

Reach & Frequency

The reach and frequency of advertorials are depended on the choice of publication. Advertorials are aimed toward the print media industry which is a 45.3 billion dollar industry with advertising consuming 50% of the total revue.. (Mediamark Research & Intelligence) The expected reach for a publication such as is based on their 1,805,855 (audited circulation based). Their frequency is equal to 269. Other publications such TIME has a verified circulation of 3,360,135 (audited circulation based) with frequency of 52. (Mediamark Research & Intelligence)


Scheduling often times depend on the specific publication you want to run you’re advertorial in. Some publications have an option to run the ad more than once for a cheaper price. If you would like to run your ad in The New York Times 60 times, the full page ad will cost $83,160 totaling $498,9600. (Mediamark Research & Intelligence)


Advertorials are becoming more popular as traditional media is being revolutionized. “We spend a lot of time working on advertorial themes in my company” said Amanda Suits. The advertorial theme plays just as big of a role more times that any (Suits) . 74% of the respondents were familiar with theme features and 36% with advertorials. Half of the respondents claimed to ‘always’ read theme features and 13% claimed to do so for advertorials (Neijens, Van Reijmersdal and De Vos).

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Audience Qualities

Most publications appeal to a wide variety of demographics. So your audience qualities will vary demanding on the publication you choose.


Marketers in the pharmaceutical industry purchase advertorials in order to educate physicians on how to use the product and boost interest in the drug. A case study was conducted by the Association of Healthcare Media Directors (AHMD) and the research firm Tbe Matalia Group to study and understand the relative effectiveness of advertorials and branded advertisements. The results of the study concluded that primary physicians thought that the message credibility was just as effective, but advertorials were more effective than branded ads in terms of generating interest and providing valuable information. Seventy-six percent of the respondents of the study were more interested in advertorials verses the 59% who were interested in the ads (Schlossberg and Canter).

Interesting Qualities

Today advertorials are starting to take a new turn towards infomercials. These are often times considered to be the same type of advertising. Infomercials are prepaid advertisements that are run on television; you often see these early in the morning or late at night on various cable networks.

Sheer Cover Makeup Advertorial on Australia's The Morning Show

Advertisers who are successfully using the alternative/emerging media

Many companies use advertorials to communicate their brand better. The Ad Council often uses advertorials to create awareness about social problems. GM is spending more now that the auto industry has to revolutionize their products. This helps them create awareness to the people informing them of the new products and new goals. Here are other examples of advertorials:

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